About Us

Broadcast from some of the more dubious carpark locations around Sydney, Full Credit to the Boys is a weekly sports podcast that puts some of the big issues under a 30 watt light globe where sitting on the fence won't be tolerated. On the other hand, dick jokes and school boy humour is encouraged.

Hosted by one time TV 'star' the 'LateMail Man' and dubious Twitter identity 'Former Legend', the boys get into their comfy pants, kick back and dissect all things NRL, sport and pretty much anything else that crosses their paths.

You want big name guests? How does Barack Obama, George Clooney and Beyoncé sound? They sound pretty fucking unlikely to us, so we'll aim a bit lower and try and talk to some of Australia's good sports, funny bastards and easily bribed identities along the way.

Download episodes each week from their website: www.fullcredittotheboyspodcast.com or subscribe and download from the iTunes store. And don't forget to leave us a review while you're there.